Conductor, Teacher, Author


My second book

Life's Lessons from the Choir Director

A set of fifty every day lessons for the rest of us.

How do we get through life's challenges?  What about life's successes?  Here in this new book, I give 50 short stories about some of the things I've learned along the way about being a little happier with our present circumstances.

Chapters in the works (at present):

  1. Solutions are far friendlier. 
  2. It’s a Tree of Life. 
  3. Go ahead, walk down the hallway. 
  4. Keep the monster in the cage. 
  5. If it seems like they aren’t getting it, learn their language, or quit talking. 
  6. Don’t forget to look up. 
  7. Easy does it. 
  8. Stick to the plan. 
  9. They are all working, just like you. 
  10. Say thanks.
  11. Ego driven sorry letter... 
  12. Failure – Is an Option?
  13. Your Version. 
  14. Once you hit the go button, there’s no going back. 
  15. We are all aliens. 
  16. Open the window! 
  17. More will be revealed. 
  18. Be wary of those who want to help and be grateful for the ones that do.
  19. Crying is selfish and self-serving (except for puppies, sad movies, and happy days.)
  20. Fear is the opposite of faith.
  21. Act as though you are what you think you are.
  22. Watch out. It’s not always what you first think.
  23. Just for today.
  24. Have a plan. Don’t just wing it.
  25. Slow down.
  26. Just be.
  27. Make a change by being a change.
  28. Never do less than your best. That being said, it’s ok to fail, too.
  29. Pitch in.
  30. Most problems are internal.
  31. Storms are a part of life.
  32. Boldly Go.
  33. How God Works.
  34. Pray.
  35. Find used clothes, used books, and used furniture, but always use new paint.
  36. What if they hate you?
  37. What if they love you, and you don’t love them?
  38. Your feelings matter.
  39. Your feelings are irrelevant.
  40. Put your phone down.
  41. An alarm clock is still your friend in the morning.
  42. Gratitude.
  43. “Good Job.”
  44. (more coming!)