Author, Conductor,

Teacher, Clinician

Dr. Joel Plaag

Caring for your Choir

How do we create a stronger connection with our singers?

There's so much more...

There's more to working with choirs than just knowing gesture.  Yes, it's very important to know gesture, but we have to know how to work with our choirs.

This time I'm looking at the non-conducting part of rehearsal; how to do the mundane work of organizing music, managing the rehearsal process, learning the spirit of the choir, developing a rehearsal plan, staying spiritual inside the rehearsal, and preparing for the concert.  

All of these are areas that I struggled with.  I learned by trial and error, by watching and listening to others, and by creating a consistant ideal to what I wanted my choir, my rehearsal, and my musical life to look like.

This book was released September 15, 2023.

Caring for Your Choir

Chapter Titles



PART ONE: Preparation

1. Preparation

2. A Special, Shared Time

3. The Library

4. Challenge

5. Choosing Music

6. Ownership

7. Special Events

8. The Spirit of the Choir

9. Connecting

PART THREE: Concerts

16. Just Before the Concert

17. Concert Day

18. Lasting Moments

19. Errors

20. After the Concert


PART TWO: Rehearsals

10. Pacing Rehearsal

11. Rehearsal Patterns

12. The Rehearsal Plan

13. Managing Rehearsal

14. Final Rehearsal

15. Communicating

PART FOUR: The Internal Work

21. The Whole Singer

22. Listening

23. Rejection

24. Self-Care

25. Reconnection