Here are some of my most recent projects.

The new book is coming!

Caring for your choir

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It's not all about choir.

a collection of stories and shorts about life and what I've learned along the way as a choir director, as an author, and as a human being.  The moments are ways we can connect with the music, with one another, and with God.  The lessons are ways I've learned, so that maybe you won't have to work as hard.

And sometimes it is all about choir...

How do we prepare for rehearsal?  How do we conduct?  How do we mark the music?

After a workshop in 2018, one of the participants said "You should write this down!" 

And so I did.

As a former conducting teacher, I still think it's my responsibility to teach others how to be a better director.  Maybe I should've titled this "a few things I learned the hard way so you don't have to."

Post-pandemic YouTube Videos:

Older Concerts (newer ones not available due to copyright)

Chorale performance at St. Nicholas Church, Old Town Square, Prague.  January, 2017


Cypress Creek "Disci-Bells" at the Handbell Association of America Area 9 Convention, (featured church performers) Mesquite, TX