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Why this book?

Simply put, I wanted to help.  So many of us walk through life waiting to hear some simple words of wisdom.  Who wants to go around mad all the time?  Who wants to be bombarded with negativity?  I address some of the pitfalls I've either had or have seen in fifty short stories meant to inspire, energize and help us find a little more happiness in this world.

Real world, practical lessons might just help someone else avoid some of the pitfalls and problems I've had along the way.

God knows, I don't have all of the answers, but I do have some experience that I can share.  In this book, I share some of the stories, the inspirations, and the lessons I've learned.  If nothing else, I hope this book at least is entertaining.

Singing in the Moment: A Choir Director's Notes About Life, Learning and Contentment.

How do we get through life's challenges?  How do we survive as Square pegs in a round world?  With over twenty years of experience working with volunteers, Dr. Joel Plaag has a few suggestions  to live in this moment.  In his latest book, Dr. Plaag discusses some of the events he's experienced as a music director and as the author of Choir Notes, the weekly newsletter of the Cypress Creek Community Chorale. 

Relating to others is complex. Sometimes people boost our self-esteem. Sometimes they don't like us. Sometimes we read more into situations than what's truly there.

In Singing in the Moment, Dr. Plaag looks at the nuances of relating with others using fifty short stories that reflect lessons learned from his experience with volunteer choirs and his own spiritual journey.  Through humor, seriousness and vulnerability, Dr. Plaag shares narratives including working with others,  friendships, acceptance, growing artistically and handling fear. 

Designed as a helpful handbook, this book can be read in order or as a reference when needed.